Nelson Hernández,

supervised by marcela polanco, LMFT-S

services offered

Family Therapy

Are you or your family facing difficult or reccurring challenges? Have these challenges disrupted your life or upset your connections to others?

In family therapy, we work on strengthening those nurturing and protective capacities of your relationships. Families can come together to promote mental well-being and emotional healing for the whole and for each other.

Your family is made up of the loved ones you chose… and also the close relationships you have had since birth. They may include children, romantic partners, elders, and best friends. Any member of your family is invited to session so they may contribute their specific expertise and experience to the therapy process.

For more information on my professional experience and some examples of the topics that families have brought into therapy sessions, I invite you to read more About Me.

Couples Counseling

Are you navigating tough conversations or considering heavy decisions within one of your most intimate relationships?

Therapy for partners offers a safe and structured space to work on building a shared vision and mission for your household. In this setting, we establish mutual goals and discuss hopes each of you bring to the session.

Individual Psychotherapy

Are you seeking therapy as a result of an experience or a concern that you prefer to address one-on-one?

An important step for many in their journey of mental wellbeing is to establish a meaningful, professional relationship with a therapist. This relationship may help you address many of the concerns you are bringing into the session, especially the ones that impact your emotional world, your thoughts, and your actions.

If any of these sound like the support you’re looking for, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation call with me. I am happy to be present and witness this important step for you or your family!

Accompaniment, Advocacy, & Access.

As a therapist and as a person on the intersections of various oppressed and privileged identities and experiences, these three A’s guide my work.

For folks who find that discrimination or oppression contribute significantly to their reasons for seeking therapy: Whether or not you and I share these experiences, my duty in therapy will be to recognize these injustices and offer you a space to recharge and plan for the future.

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”

– Paulo Freire

Cost of Services

I charge a fee of $75 per session of individual, couple, or family therapy. Sliding scale is available.

I’m unable to accept health insurance as a form of payment. If you have health insurance you wish to use for therapy, bring your card to the first session.

TeleTherapy Available

If you are in Texas and interested in working remotely with a therapist, we can use TeleHealth. TeleHealth is healthcare service delivered through technology instead of in-person.

Learn more about TeleHealth and about how we will use Google Meet to connect for TeleTherapy.

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